Friday, April 19, 2013

Floral prints: In stores & look/En tiendas y look

The floral trend is usually combined with white or pastel colors, but today we present something more colorful. Do not miss either a small sample of what we can find in stores.

La tendencia floral se suele combinar con blanco o colores pastel, pero hoy presentamos algo más colorido. No os perdáis tampoco una pequeña muestra de lo que podemos encontrar en las tiendas.

 Office Look / Look ejecutiva


Spring Look / Look primaveral


How to style the flower print / Como combinar el print floral

Floral prints give a feminine touch to your look and bring vitality adding a touch of color and joy.

Los estampados florales le dan un toque femenino a tu look y aportan vitalidad dando un toque de color y alegría.

The floral print is very easy to style as it can be worn on any outfit. It can be combined with other flower prints or other patterns. Try combining ranges and similar tones always looking for harmony in the whole. A trick is to combine prints with the same background.

El estampado floral es muy fácil de combinar pues se puede llevar en cualquier prenda. Se puede combinar flores con flores, u otros estampados. Intenta combinar siempre gamas y tonos similares buscando armonía en el conjunto, un truco es combinar estampados con el mismo fondo.

A safer option is to coordinate floral prints with pastel colors, jeans or bright colors. For a more mature look for the office we can combine it with menswear inspired clothing, blazers or straight leg pants.

Otra opción más segura es coordinarlo con tonos pastel, con jeans o con colores brillantes. Para conseguir un look más maduro y de trabajo podemos combinar nuestro estampado con prendas masculinas americanas o pantalones rectos.

You can always choose one the print colors and coordinate the entire look around it. Whatever your print is you can style it with gray, a tone that is used very little and always gives a fresh new look to your outfit.

Siempre puedes elegir uno de los tonos del estampado y coordinar todo el look en torno a él. Sea como sea tu estampado prueba a combinarlo con grises, es un tono al que se recurre poco y por eso siempre le da un aire nuevo a tu look.

Another possibility is to use floral print shoes, something '70s-retro that has returned this year. Use them with jeans and plain colors or with boho dresses or vests. Any other ideas?

Otra posibilidad es utilizar calzado con estampado floral, algo retro típico de los 70’ que ha vuelto con fuerza este año. Utilízalos con jeans y colores lisos o con vestidos tipo boho. ¿Alguna otra idea?


  1. I love floral print, perfect for sping. Great selection

  2. Can´t get enough from floral prints since years! Of this cause I´m really happy that in the actual season this pattern is so en vogue. Many thanks for your effort to show us such wonderful and affordable pieces <3

    Wish you a wonderful weekend, dear Bruja Ness

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

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    1. You don't need to worry! And thank you for stopping by!

  4. I love that you went the different route and showed bold, loud floral patterns! those are my favorite kind and there were so many of your picks that caught my eye. my favorite one was the MANGO maxi dress though- that was gorgeousss

    xo Marlen
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  5. I love the floral look in bold colors and patterns! Beautiful pieces! Loving the green Zara dress!


  6. Great post ! ;)
    Love your blog <3

  7. this post gave me new ideas for a great combination of outfit. Thank you for sharing and organizing this post. Cute floral outfits ♥

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  8. great post :)
    I love the combination of floral and stripe<3

  9. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee everything;)

  10. Love these looks, especially the floral blazer!
    xo Annie

  11. I love florals. But for some reason I don't wear them nearly enough. I need to work on changing that. Florals combined with stripes is so pretty.


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  15. El estampado floral es mi preferido! Me gusta tu blog. Quieres que nos sigamos? Un beso.

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  17. I love florals. I cannot get enough of them especially this time of year. I really love florals when combined with stripes.


  18. nice choices, Love FLORAL :)))

  19. I am definitely a big fan of this pattern and your pictures are inspiring! Love especially the outfit with the striped blazer. What a perfect match!

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